Group Personal Training.

Designed for women!

Of any age 18+
Pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, and beyond.
Bringing a fresh perspective to women's exercise - protecting your well-being and brain health through body strength.

Science tells us there is a clear relationship between our body strength, mental strength, and protecting brain health from later onset neurological issues developing.
Every session is with this in mind with just the right amount of challenge for each person with encouragement and motivation.

Each session is designed to INCREASE;

  • Your body strength, tone, and stamina
  • Your metabolism - blasting body fat,
  • Release happy hormones
  • Your mental strength and wellbeing
  • Develop your motor skills
  • Brain health, reducing chances of dementia in later life
  • Your range of movement, flexibility, and coordination

At the end of every session, you have the opportunity to calm your mind and inspire your soul. Power up your life while letting go of stress.

Sessions are bespoke to the individuals attending, focusing on their needs, including any adaptations.

The timetable for the current Group Sessions is below.
If these days and times don't suit you, let me know, I am continuously reviewing and looking to add more sessions based on demand.

Strength Sessions

9.30am Monday
6.15pm Thursday
7.30pm Thursday

These sessions strengthen the body and mind, building a stronger link between the two, and harnessing this to build greater body and brain health for a perfect synergy between the two. Personalised to the individual's strengths and abilities.
You’ll improve posture, flexibility, strength, and endurance.
Pregnancy fully adaptable for postpartum and pregnancy.

Abs & Glutes Blast

9.30am Wednesday

Feel your abs and glutes burn, working on your core and glute strength. You will not only feel stronger and toned, but you'll also improve your form of other exercises with increased core and glute strength.
Fully personalised with adaptations and modifications provided for postpartum and pregnancy, core and glute strength are essential in these phases of life, requiring adaptations to make them suitable and valuable movements.

Body Burn Bootcamp

9.30am Friday

Get ready to sweat in the morning with our fat-burning, body sizzling bootcamp. This circuit-style class uses high-intensity strength and cardio intervals to blast fat, improve muscle tone and strength, along with getting your heart rate up. Come groggy, leave energized.
Again fully adaptable for postpartum and pregnancy.

Booking Information

All bookings are prebooked, specific to the day.
Sessions are booked on a 4-session cycle (block booking 4 sessions at a time).
Once booked that space is your spot until you give the notice to change this.
A block is £48 consisting of 4 sessions, booking a minimum of 1 session a week.
If multiple sessions are booked in a week, you can swap to an alternate session in the week if you give 24 hours' notice and there is space on the requested session.

Try a Single Session

Try a session without the commitment of booking a block for just £12.

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