Return to exercise or sport postbirth or major op

Return To Exercise Or Sport After Birth or a Major Op


This week I talk about safely returning to exercise classes and sport, the things you need to consider and do because having a baby is no small feat.

Welcome to episode #12.
Exercise after having a baby for some women is the last thing they think about, however, for others, it is the first, often because their body feels and looks very different from their pre-pregnancy body. This area is getting talked about a little more than it was 10 years ago, however, many new mums or post-op women are lost when it comes to where to start before going full-on back into what you did pre-pregnancy or even start from scratch if you've rarely exercised before.

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I Share in This Episode:

  • Things you need to do to return safely to exercise classes or sport
  • What things you need to consider in the progression of exercise
  • How to build up your fitness, some ideas too
  • Why it is so important to pay attention to the small stuff first and ongoing too

Early motherhood is a busy, tiring time for many mums, with some mums experiencing overwhelm with the many things to do for a baby, other children if they have them, and looking after themselves as well as thinking about work or returning to work. I reassure mums it is possible with encouragement and small bouts of time.

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