The Psychology of Changing Your Health With Dr Gisele Tennant


This episode was great to be able to have a specialist clinical exercise physiologist and psychologist share the steps of creating sustainable change in health, but can be applied to anything really.

Welcome to episode #26
I love this week’s podcast a
s Dr Tennant dives into what is involved in each stage of creating lasting change. Her passion has been the prevention of health issues from a young age, rather than treatment. She talks about change being rarely linear and so accepting that you're going to have some regression is important in the process.

Invaluable information to get you started once you've really decided to make real changes.

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About Gisele
Dr. Tennant is a clinical exercise physiologist with a PhD in psychology. She has a passion for improving quality of life through evidence-based physical activity and nutrition programs focused on eating more fruit and vegetables. Dr. Tennant holds multiple fitness certifications, is a published academic author, has presented at international conferences, and is a seasonal university lecturer. She firmly believes that how we respond to life is a choice. With that in mind, as a relationship strategist with A Conscious Partner, she helps others develop the emotional skills needed to navigate through the ups and downs of their relationships.

shares in this episode:

  • The stages of change
  • Having smart goals and breaking these up
  • How disruption is inevitable - what to do
  • Tools for maintaining healthy changes  

She realised in her own life that everything is a choice.

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