Lunchboxes With A Difference
with Elnette Parsons

In this episode, Elnette Parsons joined me to discuss lunchboxes with a difference that are healthy and warm too, with the advent of heat-retaining containers, we can say goodbye to sandwiches and cold food for lunch. She wants to inspire people to care about what they put into their bodies and empower people to cook from scratch!
Read more and listen to the podcast here.


Standing Up For Yourself
with Amy D'Ambrosio

In this episode, I'm joined by Amy D'Ambrosio, a health coach, helping people overcome the very things she has faced for nearly 45 years of her life and that is emotional and compulsive eating. Amy talks about this as an isolating disease that creates embarrassment and keeps a person in hiding and the desire to do something about it has to come from within which can be a very dark difficult thing to do alone.
Read more and listen to the podcast here.

Intuitive Eating 101
with Margaret Bell

This episode is all about Intuitive eating, explaining what this is and how it can make a huge difference to your relationship with food and yourself. Margaret talks extensively about being in tune with your body and how gut health is instrumental in this.

Read more and listen to the podcast here.

INTUITIVE EATING 101 with Margaret Bell

The Psychology of Changing Your Health
with Dr Gisele Tennant

This episode was great to be able to have a specialist Physiologist and Psychologist share the steps of creating sustainable change in health, but can be applied to anything really.

Read more and listen to the podcast here.

Make Magic Happen In Your Life
with Hema Patel

This episode is super inspiring and will make you feel ready to get through the hard stuff on your to-do list, face your fears, and access your inner strengths, which is your own zone of genius!

Read more and listen to the podcast here.

Make Magic Happen
HONOUR THE LIFE YOU'VE HAD - with Sally Anne Saint

Honour The Life You've Had
with Sally Anne Saint

This episode is all about really appreciating the life you have had and if it hasn't been a smooth ride, with events and family history that might be shameful, you can change your perspective on it all. You have the power to take strength from your life, and we have more choices than we often realise.

Read more and listen to the podcast here.

Female Power - Reach New Heights Your Career with Dr Anne Whitehouse

This episode shines a light on the world women are really operating in from our own mental social conditioning, personal young experiences, and societal conditioning and how these can be collectively impacting how women progress and feel in their careers.

Providing insight on things you may not have considered or realised you have been doing to get ahead in your business or career. Read more and listen to the podcast here.

Female Power - Reach New Heights in Your Career
Heal yourself with Lisa Billingham

Heal Yourself Now
with Lisa M Billingham

This episode is all about using writing as part of your healing process and not bury feelings away. Lisa talks honestly and candidly about her firsthand experience of how writing helped her in her darkest times when she was depressed and having suicidal thoughts. This podcast will empower you to want to heal, be vulnerable in order to be courageous. Read more and listen to the podcast here.

Follow Your Desires & Bust Your Nemesis
with Sharon Nansi

In this episode, I invited Sharon Nansi as another Rockstar Mum on the podcast for both her kindness and focus on her priorities, and changing these as she needs to. She talks frankly about changing careers and course within medicine after becoming a hospital doctor and having a young family along the way, how this was for her and how she managed to bust her nemesis. Read more and listen to the podcast here.


Expectant Mums Of a Special Needs Child
with Michelle Francis-Smith

In this episode, Michelle talks about the experience of pregnancy when expecting a child with special needs, and how much more support a woman needs. She talks from personal experience with her having a now 14-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome, and what her pregnancy felt like for her, until she made the conscious effort to settle her mind, let the worry go, and really connect with her unborn child. Read more and listen to the podcast here.

Managing Boundaries & Stop Perfectionism
With Leyla Okhai

In this episode, Leyla talks about to me about how as mothers and women we find it increasingly difficult to manage work-life balance and the first port of call is managing boundaries. She wants to raise women's awareness and acceptance that good is good enough and when to stop to protect us as individuals from burnout, and our work hurting our health. Read more and listen to the podcast here.


Endometriosis - How To Reduce Your Symptoms
In this episode, Kim talks about her personal experience with endometriosis, the misdiagnosis of it and her personal journey through taking part in many medical trials to then going her own way to live with this chronic condition, and she is 22 years on in her journey.
She is an upbeat happy person who wants to raise awareness of this condition and help women identify what is going on for them regarding their periods so they can manage their discomfort better or overcome it completely.

This is an inspiring, informative conversation, packed full of valuable content to help women suffering from any issues related to their menstrual cycle.
Read more and listen to the podcast here.


Community in Helping Mums Thrive in Health & Life
In this episode, my guest, Beth Mount talks about the importance of having a community around women and mums to help them thrive in all aspects of their health and life. And this is applicable for all ages of women and stages of parenting.
We are not designed as human beings to be alone and we need support, yet more and more women feel alone and often unsupported or heard. These are basic human needs that can be forgotten or not recognised as important in the ever-increasing priority placed on being productive, over our well-being and seeking friendship groups.

Read more and listen to the podcast here.

GOOD VIBRATIONS ARE CONTAGIOUS with Rockstar mum Kully Gosal

Good Vibrations Are Contagious
In this episode, my rockstar mum guest, Kully Gosal talks about her younger life growing up in India with extended family and the good vibrations she remembers despite nearly dying from a monkey bite, and she laughs at how monkey's even to this day, torment her when she happens to meet them!
She's learned to fight for her health at the tender age of 2.
This is an uplifting, high-energy conversation, like sitting and having a cup of tea with Kully and me.
Read more and listen to the podcast here.

BEATING BURNOUT & AVOIDING IT with Fay Victoria Durrant

Beating Burnout & Avoiding It
This episode's all about Burnout affecting mothers all around the world, especially in the UK and USA, often because of cultural pressures placed on women and mothers to be strong and lean into masculine traits of getting stuff done and pushing harder. My guest speaker is Fay Victoria Durrant who helps women recover from burnout.
Read more and listen to the podcast here.


Perimenopause - Health to Help Yourself
Enter Menopause on Your Best Foot
In this episode my guest Jeyanthi Nair talks about how women experience Perimenopause, this is a hot topic, especially as it takes women into their menopause, an area of women's health that previously was seen as unsavory to talk about, but less shame on the table and things are being discussed a little more openly. This can affect all women, though not everyone will experience symptoms, and they're the lucky ones.
Read more and listen to the podcast here.

Return to exercise or sport postbirth or major op

Return to Exercise Classes Or Sport Post Birth Or a Major Op

This week I talk about safely returning to exercise classes and sport, the things you need to consider and do because having a baby is no small feat.
Exercise after having a baby for some women is the last thing they think about, however, for others, it is the first, often because their body feels and looks very different from their pre-pregnancy body. Many new mums or post-op women are lost when it comes to where to start before going full-on back into what you did pre-pregnancy or even start from scratch if you've rarely exercised before.

Read more and listen to the podcast here.


Find Yourself & Health In Overcoming Adversity & Family Fallouts

This episode's guest was Hema Nanuwa another Rockstar Mum guest. I picked Hema for her resilience through the adversity she has been through and the importance she placed on her health through her work on herself to coming out the other side of a toxic environment, stronger and empowered. She changed everything from her food, to exercising regularly and most importantly she challenged her way of thinking and healed herself. Healing things from her childhood and made peace with the broken relationships that were causing her pain. The journey of doing the two together helped her create the confidence she feels she never had previously.
Read more and listen to the podcast here.

Persistence Outruns Doubt
In this episode of the podcast I'm joined by Nila Chauhan, she has come a long way from where she was 20+ years ago. In her teen's food made her feel good for a big part of her younger life, right through to her 40's. Leading to a learned way of using food to cope with stress in her life for the next 20+ years, becoming morbidly obese and having 3 children through this. She is now 56 and stronger and more confident than ever before, getting her to be a Karate Champion and a Crossfit competitor and This Girl Can Campaigner.
Read more and listen to the podcast here.

C-section recovery podcast

C-Section Recovery Guidance
This week's guest was Lola Akinola, a Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness and Education specialist. This talk is perfectly timed in support of birth by Caesarean section awareness month. Lola shares her experience of two c-sections and realised how little recovery advice and approach to exercise was out there, therefore she went on to specialise in this area to empower women to look after their body’s, with knowledge and practical guidance.
Read more and listen to the podcast here.

Change Your Health & Weight Inside Out
In this episode of the podcast I'm joined by Emily Hall. She shares her own personal experiences with her body and food that help her help women overcome these issues. Important information showing you any mum or women can make change, and Emily shares where it all begins. And she reinforces the message you can be anything or do anything beyond what you currently see for yourself when you have the right tools, guidance and support.
Read more and listen to the podcast here.

Nutrition For Mums & Children To Change Health
In this episode I'm joined by Sue Worrall, shares her own personal experiences in her health and what her callings to nutrition and health were, from her heart anomalies, to her son being born with cystic fibrosis. She urges people to look after their health now, make changes and to not wait for a huge wakeup call to avoid a long way back.
Read more and listen to the podcast here.

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