Persistence Outruns Doubt
In this episode of the podcast I'm joined by Nila Chauhan, she has come a long way from where she was 20+ years ago. In her teen's food made her feel good for a big part of her younger life, right through to her 40's. Leading to a learned way of using food to cope with stress in her life for the next 20+ years, becoming morbidly obese and having 3 children through this. She is now 56 and stronger and more confident than ever before, getting her to be a Karate Champion and a Crossfit competitor and This Girl Can Campaigner.
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C-section recovery podcast

C-Section Recovery Guidance
In this weeks guest was Lola Akinola, a Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness and Education specialist. This talk is perfectly timed in support of birth by Caesarean section awareness month. Lola shares her experience of two c-sections and realised how little recovery advice and approach to exercise was out there, therefore she went on to specialise in this area to empower women to look after their body’s, with knowledge and practical guidance.

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Change Your Health & Weight Inside Out
In this episode of the podcast I'm joined by Emily Hall. She shares her own personal experiences with her body and food that help her help women overcome these issues. Important information showing you any mum or women can make change, and Emily shares where it all begins. And she reinforces the message you can be anything or do anything beyond what you currently see for yourself when you have the right tools, guidance and support.
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Nutrition For Mums & Children To Change Health
In this episode I'm joined by Sue Worrall, shares her own personal experiences in her health and what her callings to nutrition and health were, from her heart anomalies, to her son being born with cystic fibrosis. She urges people to look after their health now, make changes and to not wait for a huge wakeup call to avoid a long way back.
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