This weeks guest was Nila Chauhan my Rockstar Mum guest and quite rightly so after struggling with being morbidly obese for 20 years, then she decided enough was enough in her mid 40's, and she took serious action - now a Karate champion and This Girl Can campaigner at age 56.
She wants to inspire other women to feel they can do anything when they put their mind to it, including nourishing their minds and body's to feel their best.

Welcome to episode #10.
I love this week’s podcast as Nila shares her own personal experience of her relationship with food and how certain foods made her feel better when things felt stressful and the impact it had on her health. But she sought perfection and added more pressure on herself, resulting in more emotional eating. An experience I know will resonate with many mums out there.

Listen to the Episode Here:

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About Nila
Nila Chauhan is a mother of 3 and is a nurse aged 56. She kicked obesity and has done London Marathon, Southend to London race, is a British and European Karate Champion and has recently competed in a Crossfit competition. She dropped the weight some time ago, now learning new skills and eating better and getting stronger by the week!

Nila Shares in This Episode:

  • She cared about everyone else and not herself
  • Feeling she had to sacrifice herself to be the best parent
  • How perfection was destroying her
  • Change she realised had to come from within
  • Persistence will overcome any doubt
  • How goals have been her 'go to'
  • How adversity has shaped her to keep going
  • Her wisdom on what she wished she'd started earlier

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