Perimenopause - Health to Help Yourself
With Jeyanthi Nair


In this episode my guest Jeyanthi Nair talks about how women experience Perimenopause, this is a hot topic, especially as it takes women into their menopause, an area of women's health that previously was seen as unsavory to talk about, but less shame on the table and things are being discussed a little more openly. This can affect all women, though not everyone will experience symptoms, and they're the lucky ones.

Welcome to episode #15.
I love this week’s podcast as Jeyanthi shares what perimenopause is and what things a woman can experience.
Jeyanth explains the valuable signs and symptoms you can look out for and what natural things you can be doing to make life easier and better for your next 40 to 50 years ahead of you. And she wants women to know this time of their life is an opportunity to take their health more seriously if they haven't yet so they do not enter menopause nutrient deficient, which Jeyanthi also touches on.

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About Jeyanthi
Jeyanthi Nair is a nutritional therapist. She helps women balance their hormones through nutrition and health coaching and bring vitality and exuberance to their lives. She specialises in perimenopause as she is personally at that stage of life and supports many women through related issues.

Jeyanthi Shares in This Episode:

  • Blood sugar management influence
  • How being mindful and changing your mindset is a game-changer
  • How adding more veg can have a knock-on effect
  • Importance of having a blood test and identifying symptoms
  • Another opportunity in a women’s life to take health seriously

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