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This weeks guest was Sue Worrall, a Clinical Nutritionist for 30 years.
She helps people learn to eat and nourish their body's better to feel wonderful and have health at anytime in their life.

Welcome to episode #9.
I love this week’s podcast as Sue shares her own personal experiences in her health and what her callings to nutrition and health were, from her heart
anomalies, to her son being born with cystic fibrosis. She urges people to look after their health now, make changes and to not wait for a huge wakeup call to avoid a long way back.

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About Sue
Sue Worrall has been a Clinical Nutritionist for 30 years and has had clinics in London and Cardiff.
She started off her career working with sick children, and then progressed to work with family’s and women’s health continuing her progression to work with elite sports professionals.
She works online now helping as many people to live and eat healthily, promoting it is never too late to change your health.
She has a great deal of knowledge and experience that she wants to share with the world and is working very hard still at the age of 73 to pass this on and make a difference. Keep listening to learn so much from Sue.

Sue Shares in This Episode:

  • Special sauce to help children
  • What double cooked pasta is and how it helps in health
  • Soy – talks about good and bad soy
  • Fuel the body for repair and recovery when exercising
  • Brain and body as one function explained
  • Gut brain axis – getting clarity of thoughts
  • Quick pizza tips

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