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Meet Versha

The creator of Birth Beyond Body, Versha has spent the last 8 years dedicated to helping mothers health, fitness, wellness and happiness. And now she wants to extend her help to reach women that need help in their health, body and weight loss.

She want to help women overcome the diet culture which is
eroding mental health of all age women. Leaving many women with low self-esteem and confidence, even depressed, feeling burn out and health issues as a result on their quest for weight loss.

Her driving passion is to help women 'birth' the real version of them, outside of their roles, making time to create health, the body & mind, so they can be the confident person they deserve to be from the inside out.

Versha is a mother of 2 and began her work in bringing change to womens lives 2012, as a pregnancy and postpartum fitness expert. During this time she worked with women of all ages through her personal training practice, coaching and time operating kettlebell exercise sessions.

She has a BA (Hons) degree in Psychology & Management and has continued her study of the human mind and behaviour since, which she brings to her coaching to facilitate lasting change along with working closely with psychotherapists, physios and nutritionists.
Also, Versha had a previous career in the corporate banking world, so she knows first-hand what pressures women face and feel.

Versha is constantly pushing new boundaries to help women overcome their internal barriers; their thoughts and beliefs to create lasting change.

Her journey has been through ups and downs like you and now she has brought a winning formula together to bring about the body, health, mind and emotional change women are longing for. Giving a new meaning to self-love, self-compassion.

Building real self-confidence along the way.

Versha is committed to bringing about change for women's health, with her continuous research of new thinking, latest neuroscience, innovative practices and technologies to address her clients' needs and get them results faster to stop suffering, struggle, and ill-health.  
Book a call with her if you want to feel better in yourself, see health and body changes that you can keep and overcome your silent and unknown barriers. You can book through the Let's Talk button.

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