Managng Boundaries & Stop Perfectionism With Leyla Okhai


In this episode, Leyla talks about to me about how as mothers and women we find it increasingly difficult to manage work-life balance and the first port of call is managing boundaries. She wants to raise women's awareness and acceptance that good is good enough and when to stop to protect us as individuals from burnout, and our work hurting our health.

Leyla also speaks about mental health and our cultural and individual differences are key to be aware of and essential to help people on their recovery journey after mental health issues, especially after the last 15 months. And we should be aiming to create optimum mental health throughout our time in work. Furthermore, feeling accepted for who we are and our cultural identity has become even more important for workplace success in the current times we’re living through.

Welcome to episode #19.
I love this week’s podcast as Leyla shares so much I know many mothers need to hear and be reminded of. Plus this is an area I feel passionate about myself, so women can see the holistic benefits to adopting this mindset and practices.

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About Leyla
Leyla Okhai is the founder and CEO of Diverse Minds. Enabling organisations to create mentally healthy and equal workplaces through coaching, training, speaking and consultancy. With a focus on practical mental health strategies, cultural awareness and race equality to facilitate a positively productive workplace.

Leyla Shares in This Episode:

  • Consider what's important and what's in your control.
  • Listening to yourself before we overdo things, work or other things
  • Recognise whether you are beholden to your to-do list, what does this do to you
  • Changing your perspective on the ‘we must’

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