Making 2020 Happen For You.

Getting Started

2020 could be your best year for your health, body and mental well-being, even when the world has gone through dare I say what seemed like chaos, you just have to create the intention, thats it!

You may need some guidance, support, accountability which essentially is help. Getting help to achieve getting into your best shape, health and you, is saying to the universe I am important and I mean business this time!

Doing things alone is so dull, arduous and leaves you wide open to not picking yourself up when you fall down, because we all fall, including those perfect people and I have fallen a many a time. It's what you do next that really matters and how you see that fall, was it really a fall or actually a chance to get even stronger and believe in yourself, your abilities and your intentions.

I know many mums don't see themselves important enough to do something major with big investment for themselves and so indirectly are saying to themselves they are not important enough and so I MUST take the hard road. What you're actually saying is you're not enough and you're also teaching the people around you to treat you less important which is also teaching your children that this is how mothers lives playout always being put last and when a women becomes a mother their identity is then only a mother a sacraficer if this is how you have lived your life thus far. But we all know this is not the case, we are proud mothers with a whole other part to us. Now how does this relate to having your best health, losing excess weight and ultimately getting into your best shape of your life - it does because you have to give yourself permission to create space in your life for you and your health and to feel good about yourself - as waiting means you may wait too long and who knows what that could mean for your physical and mental health.

Check me out if you're struggling, want to take your health seriously and know you need help doing this - I coach only to get results working with mothers as that my speciality, and if I don't think you're a good fit to work with me I will refer you. Below is a link to book a call with and you can read more information about what I have created and how I help women in the rest the website.

I also have a Facebook group where I support women looking to start this journey, to finally free themselves of the way their body makes them feel and work on the body they really want. Though I encourage women to make time for themselves - not just for meeting friends but doing something just for you.

This is

Don't play the waiting game, how you feel and your health, your body will no doubt NOT benefit from procrastination.

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