Lunchboxes with a Difference With Elnette Parsons


In this episode, Elnette Parsons joined me to discuss lunchboxes with a difference that are healthy and warm too, with the advent of heat-retaining containers, we can say goodbye to sandwiches and cold food for lunch. She wants to inspire people to care about what they put into their bodies and empower people to cook from scratch!

Welcome to episode #29
I can say I whole-heartedly learned new stuff and working smarter in the kitchen too, from my conversation with Elnette.

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About Elnette
She helps people improve their health by looking into their food and lifestyle. Originally from South Africa and now in the UK. Food excites her — it affects everything we do, using food in a positive way to balance our body to help; lose weight and alleviate any health conditions. These can include issues with menopause, digestion, skin, depression, weight, or stress. And her healthy lunchbox recipe book is out and available to purchase, simply visit her website to find out more information.

shares in this episode:

  • The importance of healthy lunchboxes
  • How to get started and make it easy 
  • What you'll need 
  • Batch cooking tips

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