INTUITIVE EATING 101 with Margaret Bell

Intuitive Eating 101 With Margaret Bell


This episode is all about Intuitive eating, explaining what this is and how it can make a huge difference to your relationship with food and yourself. Margaret talks extensively about being in tune with your body and how gut health is instrumental in this.

Welcome to episode #27
I love and really value this week’s podcast with Margaret, as she talks in detail about intuitive eating and how best to get started so you're making realisations for yourself, without being told what is right for you.

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About Margaret
From a supposed chubby teen to a 40 year old spiraling out of control, Margaret is an Intuitive Eating coach who can honestly say she has walked the walk with emotional eating and body hate for over 25 years. 'Thunder Thighs' was my school nickname and that's when emotional eating started for me, through the death of my father in my 20's to divorce and depression in my 40's whether its restriction or binge to not believing I deserved to eat, I have been there and now I coach women and teens who are on that path that I used to be, guiding them to a life of absolute food freedom and body love.'

shares in this episode:

  • Some of her personal experiences struggling with weight
  • How to get in tune with your body
  • Impacts of stress on our health and others influencers
  • What fast lane living can lead to  

She re-iterates that realisations about how foods make you feel for yourself lead to changes that are likely to be kept for life.

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