HONOUR THE LIFE YOU'VE HAD - with Sally Anne Saint

Honour The Life You've Had With Sally Anne Saint


This episode is all about really appreciating the life you have had and if it hasn't been a smooth ride, with events and family history that might be shameful, you can change your perspective on it all. You have the power to take strength from your life, and we have more choices than we often realise.

Welcome to episode #24
I love this week’s podcast as Sally is very honest about her life steeped in trauma and how much of that experience kept her playing small and sticking to what everyone else was doing until she began to see things differently through what life was bringing her.

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About Sally
Sally Anne Saint is the founder of Wise Woman Guide  She created this sacred work after healing her own past and continuing to step daily on the wisdom path. She is a certified Life Coach,  Meridian Tapping Coach and Reiki Master. She has self-published two books and contributed chapters to two more collaborative books.   All her work is to remind women of their truth, to connect with the wisdom that's inside them all and to live from this authentic place and space.  

shares in this episode:

  • How carrying our baggage 'the ball and chain' is actually harder than dealing with it
  • The importance of allowing us to feel instead of living in numb
  • We’re not designed to do things on our own
  • Lean into pain / uncomfortable situations to allow the learning

Sally goes deep about healing and forgiving to live in full purpose in the here and now.

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