Heal yourself with Lisa Billingham

Heal Yourself Now
With Lisa M Billingham


This episode is all about using writing as part of your healing process and not bury feelings away. Lisa talks honestly and candidly about her firsthand experience of how writing helped her in her darkest times when she was depressed and having suicidal thoughts.

This podcast will empower you to want to heal, be vulnerable in order to be courageous.

Welcome to episode #22.
I love this week’s podcast because Lisa speaks so freely about writing and healing, reiterating change in mood and healing doesn't come overnight, it takes patience and repetition of releasing deep things that come up.

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About Lisa
Lisa is a fun-loving, caring individual with a wide range of life experiences. A self-published author, intuitive reader, wellbeing coach, crystal therapist & public speaker. She was diagnosed with stress, anxiety and depression in 2011 and struggling to find a way through without prescription medication is where her journey began. The personal growth work she has carried out has helped her recover from all that life has thrown at her. Her outlook on life has done a 360-degree turn as she can now see how self-love and positivity are the keys to a happy, successful and fulfilled life.

shares in This Episode:

  • How writing is cathartic 
  • That writing can be used to celebrate achievements
  • Writing also can help us feel more present in our lives
  • That writing our thoughts can be a creative experience that could be published if you wanted it 

    We have an insightful upbeat conversation sharing what writing and gratitude through writing has brought to our lives.

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Her Book is: Katie, A New Chapter - details available through the link above.

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