GOOD VIBRATIONS ARE CONTAGIOUS with Rockstar mum Kully Gosal

Good Vibrations Are Contagious
With Rockstar mum Kully Gosal


In this episode, my rockstar mum guest, Kully Gosal talks about her younger life growing up in India with extended family and the good vibrations she remembers despite nearly dying from a monkey bite, and she laughs at how monkey's even to this day, torment her when she happens to meet them! She's learned to fight for her health at the tender age of 2.

This is an uplifting, high-energy conversation, like sitting and having a cup of tea with Kully and me.

Welcome to episode #17.
I love this week’s podcast as Kully expresses so much about herself in her laughter and what she shares about her life, including her self-love practices to make herself count every day.
Sharing how she has turned her involuntary early morning waking to her advantage, making her feel who she wants to be and looking forward to early waking instead of fighting it.

Listen to the Episode Here:

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About Kully
Kully Gosal was born in Leicester in 1978, and settled back here with her husband in 2014 when the birth of their second son meant they had finally outgrown their little London flat. In between, she lived in India with her grandparents between the ages of 1 and 5, where she almost died from a monkey bite.   She started taking physical fitness seriously as she turned thirty, and fused this with mental wellbeing exercises during her pregnancies and has been a science teacher for many years, a career she still loves to this day!

Kully Shares in This Episode:

  • How her morning routine has transformed how she feels about herself and energy levels
  • What she's tried in her routines
  • Her happiness secret
  • Her contagious energy for life and helping others

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