What are the most important factors to gaining a healthy weight?

11th February 2021

We all think it's exercise and food.
These are important, in fact what you eat is really important, as it feeds your cells, brain, hormones and body.
But there are other important things to consider before food, especially if you've struggled to make healthy food changes stick.
And these are:

1. Thinking healthy thoughts - what you think about all day everyday about yourself and whether your thoughts are food orientated most of the day, even when you're working.

2. How you feel everyday - feeling in joy and eternally happy releases happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine, which are our body's natural antidepressants. So keeping your emotions in check is essential it feel good which in turn affects mood, as to whether you're going to gorge on deserts and cheese.

3. Your relationship with food, is it a healthy one or do you turn to junk type food to comfort you through challenging times, especially through this pandemic, using these foods as a crutch. Moving towards a healthy relationship is massively important to keep on a healthy weight loss journey and staying healthy to.

4. Food choices - make these as whole food and plant based as possible, removing as many refined carbs and oils as possible. Research has found the food we eat influences how we think and feel.

5. Exercise - is an important part of being healthy and achieving a healthy body weight.
There are many forms of exercise, ranging from cardio, pilates, strength and many more mixed forms. Plus walking is essential, ideally reaching 10,000 steps a day and or other forms of exercise too. I personally promote strength training as it offers so many more benefits than cardio (running, cycling & swimming) the afterburn is one of these - the number of calories you continue to burn after you have finished exercising, strength training also increases bone density, something very important for all woman as we begin to lose bone density gradually from about age 35 and then there is a dramatic drop in menopause, which means we end up with weak bones and they become hollow.

These 5 things are essential to making any changes stick and actually love the process of becoming healthier, lighter and happier too.

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