Follow Your Desires & Bust Your Nemesis
With Sharon Nansi


In this episode, I invited Sharon Nansi as another Rockstar Mum on the podcast for both her kindness and focus on her priorities, and changing these as she needs to. She talks frankly about changing careers and course within medicine after becoming a hospital doctor and having a young family along the way, how this was for her and how she managed to bust her nemesis.

Welcome to episode #21.
I love this week’s podcast because Sharon speaks so candidly about what really worked for her to get past challenges in her life, prioritising herself and her career.

Listen to the Episode Here:

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About Sharon
She is a warm easy to talk to mum of 2, wife, daughter, sister and friend. Trained and worked as a pharmacist and then as a mature student went to med school, and found herself working in a hospital setting for many years as a doctor including acute, general, and hospice medicine. Then changed ships and very recently started working as a locum GP. Sharon has gone for what she wanted, goes the extra mile to make a difference in people's lives and is figuring out the juggling act of motherhood, career, and life along the way.

shares in This Episode:

  • How she felt comfortable making life-changing choices.
  • How she coped with 2 very young children.
  • The short-term sacrifices gave her life lessons.
  • How she has an enhanced perspective in life towards herself from all the challenging choices she has made.

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Connect with Sharon

Sharon is not on any social media to be contactable, unfortunately.

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