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This episode's guest was Hema Nanuwa another Rockstar Mum guest. I picked Hema for her resilience through the adversity she has been through and the importance she placed on her health through her work on herself to coming out the other side of a toxic environment, stronger and empowered. She changed everything from her food, to exercising regularly and most importantly she challenged her way of thinking and healed herself. Healing things from her childhood and made peace with the broken relationships that were causing her pain. The journey of doing the two together helped her create the confidence she feels she never had previously.

Welcome to episode #13.
I love this week’s podcast as Hema bravely shares her own personal experience of the adversity of her life with extended family and how it took its toll on her self-esteem and how she felt in herself and health too, as the environment was stripping her of everything she knew about herself. When she and her husband decided it was time to draw a line under everything that had happened, Hema did deep work on her self-worth, health, and how her body made her feel. Transforming herself wholistically and she says she changed everything she thought she understood about health, food, and exercise in the process to give her this.

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About Hema
Hema Nanuwa was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya and has now settled in Leicester UK, with her lovely, blended family. She is a mother of three incredible children, a 16year old stepson, a 4 year old daughter and a 6 month old son. Currently, she is enjoying motherhood and in her spare time focuses on her business as a transformational coach focusing on women.

Hema Shares in This Episode:

  • How important her health was to her in overcoming the issues brought by a toxic family situation
  • The practices she used and still uses to keep high spirited and healthy through challenging times
  • How she reframes everything to see what could be negative to empower her
  • How adversity has helped her realise she can give others hope and help to overcome similar life problems.

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