Female Power - Reach New Heights in Your Career

Female Power - Reach New Heights in Your Career With Dr Anne Whitehouse


This episode shines a light on the world women are really operating in from our own mental social conditioning, personal young experiences, and societal conditioning and how these can be collectively impacting how women progress and feel in their careers.

Providing insight on things you may not have considered or realised you have been doing to get ahead in your business or career.

Welcome to episode #23
I love this week’s podcast as Anne gives immense clarity on male and female energy and talks about how women adapt to the male way to progress, believing using more of their female powers has no place in the working world.

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About Anne
Dr. Anne Whitehouse is the #1 bestselling author ‘Pull Back Your Power’, a PhD scientist turned Female Power Alchemist, and a subconscious transformation expert.  After her own spectacular burnout in the boys’ club world of university engineering, she uncovered the hidden roots that sabotage high-achieving women and devised a game-changing solution.    She now teaches visionary women to level the energetic playing field, breakthrough success limits, income ceilings, visibility blocks, and fulfill their dreams in the world AND recreate their relationships with men, both at home and at work.

shares in this Episode:

  • What Female Power is & how to embrace it.
  • How subconscious beliefs drive us 
  • Confrontational energy in the corporate world
  • Talks about frozen experiences
  • Women haven’t had the opportunity to use and see the STRENGTH of their Female Power

You'll definitely learn something new in this episode, opening your mind to understand that there are things beyond what we can see influencing and sometimes dictating women's lives.

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