Expectant Mums Of A Special Needs Child
With Michelle Francis-Smith


In this episode, Michelle talks about the experience of pregnancy when expecting a child with special needs, and how much more support a woman needs. She talks from personal experience with her having a now 14-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome, and what her pregnancy felt like for her, until she made the conscious effort to settle her mind, let the worry go, and really connect with her unborn child.
She wants these expectant mums of special needs children to know they're not alone and to seek support because of the extra layer of stress and worry they will experience so that these women look after themselves and at how they are feeling instead of burying their feelings until later.

Michelle also speaks about parenting from a self-expressed perspective, as her children have got older. Reinforcing the message of how everyone is perfectly imperfect, taking each child individually.
She believes in modeling the behaviours and ways of being we desire our children to have now and in the future.

Being present is her superpower and having her children come to sit and be with her now they're growing up, she expresses feels is as a result of them being taught to be open and talk about how they're feeling and her being a flow momma, accepting we're all going to fall, but we get back up.

Welcome to episode #20.
I love this week’s podcast because Michelle and I share a common view on how our energy, thoughts and state of mind affects our unborn babies, children as they grow and those closest to us.

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About Michelle
Michelle is a mother, best-selling author, mentor, teacher, doula, and Registered Massage Therapist who has been practicing massage therapy for 20 years. She graduated from the University of Toronto has served as a Massage Therapy Educator and Principal in Canada and in India.  Her passion is for treating perinatal patients with a focus on pregnancy and postpartum. Michelle is the Co-founder of Perinatal Massage Therapy Education which provides comprehensive continuing education for massage therapists. 

In March of 2020 Michelle published the Anthology “You Have So Much Potential: Inspiring Generational Healing & Transformation” a collection of stories of resilience, hope and purpose, along with 30 Health Professionals. Incorporating her teaching, coaching and birth preparation support skills, Michelle has created an online 10-week program for pregnant women expecting a baby with special needs called the FLOW Birth And Beyond Method, set to launch in October 2021.  

Michelle Shares in This Episode:

  • Her personal experience of pregnancy with a downs syndrome child
  • How she connected to her unborn child
  • How this daughter was a gift in her life and her work
  • Her passion for making the pregnancy experience feel a blessed one

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Connect with Michelle

Instagram: @flowbirthandbeyondrmt

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michellefrancis.rmt

Website:  www.pregnancymassagetherapy.com

Michelle's Book: You Have So Much Potential

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