Endometriosis - How to Reduce Your Symptoms
With Kim Linfoot


In this episode, Kim talks about her personal experience with endometriosis, the misdiagnosis of it and her personal journey through taking part in many medical trials to then going her own way to live with this chronic condition, and she is 22 years on in her journey.

She is an upbeat happy person who wants to raise awareness of this condition and help women identify what is going on for them regarding their periods so they can manage their discomfort better or overcome it completely.

This is an inspiring, informative conversation, packed full of valuable content to help women suffering from any issues related to their menstrual cycle.

Welcome to episode #18.
I love this week’s podcast as Kim is sincere and her authentic self, explaining how really as women can help our own experience of chronic conditions by realising what lifestyle we have and the foods we choose to eat alongside this.
Discussing things I felt so aligned with and what I advocate for my clients and all women.

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About Kim
Kim has had endometriosis for the last 22 years and has been through numerous operations, medication trials and it has been a discovery along the way. Kim has been misdiagnosed with other conditions in the past and will share this information with us today and how this might help others.
Kim has now been able to turn things around medically and support herself with no medication for her condition. The discovery and research of her own health issues have now lead Kim to really helping others with their menstrual cycle and underlining conditions that women just do not know they have, or why they feel a certain way!
Looking at gut health, nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, cold water swimming to name a few areas she guides in.

Kim Shares in This Episode:

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