Community in Helping Mums Thrive
With Beth Q. Mount


In this episode my guest, Beth Mount talks about the importance of having a community around women and mums to help them thrive in all aspects of their health and life. And this is applicable for all ages of women and stages of parenting.

We are not designed as human beings to be alone and we need support, yet more and more women feel alone and often unsupported or heard. These are basic human needs that can be forgotten or not recognised as important in the ever-increasing priority placed on being productive, over our well-being and seeking friendship groups.

Welcome to episode #16.
I love this week’s podcast as Beth shares how a community helps mums feel involved and can encourage activity or actions we may not take alone, without feeling pressured. Touching on how mothers can actually be fearful of asking for help or burdening others and she encourages mothers to work through a little discomfort of getting out to meet others and investing time to be part of a community, as it pays dividends in support once you have found a circle of like-minded individuals.

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About Beth
Beth is a mom of 2 in Southeast Michigan, USA. Her boys, now 8 and 10 brought more challenges healing and growth than she could have envisioned. Beth works as a Massage Therapist and Restorative Exercise Specialist. Through her journey with pelvic pain, she came to love a holistic movement lifestyle. In studying movement she found how it intertwines with the community. She's interested in the paradigm shift toward deeper connection with ourselves and others. For Beth, the key to a healthier future starts with rebuilding trust in our bodies.

Beth Shares in This Episode:

  • We’re not meant to parent alone or even with 2 parents.
  • How a community helps us.
  • Changing perceptions on getting yourself support. 
  • Loneliness is harmful to our well-being and contributes to anxiety and stress.

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