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Many women want their body to be different because of how it makes them feel daily, looking in the mirror, which clothes they can't wear, not recognising themselves anymore and slowly they begin to think their health and body will always be like this even when they have lost some weight but can't consistently keep a shape they want. This is a serious struggle I know for many women and can continue to be a struggle after having children, even when the children are older. Taking women into negative thought and behaviour patterns, from eating too little, over exercising, dieting, obsessing over their weight, comparing themselves to others, daily self loathing and disappointment hounding your results.

To over eating, self sabotage showing up some how without realising, no lasting motivation to exercise or eat the right food, lack discipline, little self belief and commitment to yourself, meaning you never get the body you want. These are all holding you back, as you're taking action from a place of desperation, low self worth and prioritise everyone else's needs over yours and have never figured out how to really make time for yourself guilt free, that is a ritual in a nurturing way to transform into your best body and version of you yet and be able to keep it.

Dropping some weight is one thing and easily achieved, however maintaining and continuing habits and disciplines is another thing that in-fact is the hardest, sometimes most challenging part of the equation when you see your weight loss plateau just as boredom creeps in or the holidays come and it all goes out of the window. So really how long does it last before the weight starts piling back on. Your self belief spirals down and before you know it you're back at square one, feeling low and have let yourself down again.
You are attracting this cycle and it's hard to break it unless you're truly willing to change what you want to attract in to your life.
I help you get to the route of all of this and understand yourself at a deeper level to create real self-love, a beautiful relationship with your body resulting in you creating the body, health and care for yourself you need and want.

I also work with women who are struggling with emotional eating and their body image which may extend as far as body shame. It is a difficult, challenging and a scary process to overcome these. I can help you end all of this to create new habits and patterns of behaviour that enable you to break free of your narrative and the deeper issues holding you where you are right now, so you can work on yourself in a different way for you to then go on to attract and manifest your best shape of your life.
If you have always had body image issues, are overweight and struggled with this before children and after I can help you turn this around for you to be in your best health and work on your body in a way that is deep using your feminine energy to transform your body.
I help women who have gained significant weight since having children who were all various shapes and sizes before and after .
If your body is not recognisable to you after having children I can help you.
I have clients that have struggled with this and it is more common than you realise.
Whichever it is, the work on your body is from a place of confidence, self love and self worth, attracting the best version of you and your body to rise up and shine.

I have helped hundreds of mothers change their mind-set, perspective, self beliefs and begin a new life, with my unique formula to get the body changes they haven't been able to achieve alone. Book a call with me below to see if you're a good fit to work with me.

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