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This weeks guest was Emilly Hall.
She helps women get control of overeating, binge eating and emotional eating, to love themselves and their body’s. She is a certified Hypnotherpaist, RTT trainer and coach.

Welcome to episode #8.
I love this week’s podcast as Emily shares her own personal experiences with her body and food that help her help women overcome these issues. Important information showing you any mum or women can make change, and Emily shares where it all begin. And she reinforces the message you can be anything or do anything beyond what you currently see for yourself when you have the right tools, guidance and support.

Listen to the Episode Here:

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About Emily
Emily Hall is The Naked Lady! Not because she doesn’t like clothes but because she helps time-starved women feel great about themselves naked by helping them overcome their emotional eating for good, get to the weight they desire and stay there. All without deprivation or faddy diets. Emily is all about the mind and teaches clients how to work with their minds so that it becomes their friend not their enemy, helping them to live their lives free from emotional pain and trauma.

Emily Share in This Episode:

  • We are born fearless to shout out for our needs to be met
  • Non-serving habits can be unlearned
  • Becoming aware is key to any change
  • Challenge can be a catalyst to action and change
  • The importance of the inner work
  • The power of messages we give to ourselves
  • Where our emotions and feelings come from
  • Evidence finding to either support or spiral
  • How to reframe when things are not so great

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