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This weeks guest was Lola Akinola, a Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness and Education specialist. This talk is perfectly timed in support of birth by Caesarean section awareness month. Lola shares her experience of two c-sections and realised how little recovery advice and approach to exercise was out there, therefore she went on to specialise in this area to empower women to look after their body’s, empowered with knowledge and practical guidance.

Welcome to episode #11.
I love this week’s podcast as Lola shares her own personal experience of her c-sections and the shock she felt the first time around, as she hadn't psychologically prepared for this birth outcome. Talking about how she came back from this all-time low and what her body was left feeling and looked like.

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About Lola
Lola Akinola is a mother of two, a primary school teacher and a women’s fitness trainer: specialising in exercise and education for pregnancy and beyond.
Lola’s fitness journey, however, began 6 months after having her first child by emergency c-section. She decided that she wanted to get into shape and lose her ‘mummy tummy’. At the time, she hadn’t realised she had a large degree of separation in her abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) and began using at home DVDs which consisted of sit-ups and crunches. A few weeks in, Lola noticed a doming shape around her mid-section and after some research, discovered that the exercises she had been doing were too advanced at that time.

Lola Shares in This Episode:

  • Valuable areas to focus on for c-section recovery.
  • What to start with to adjust to your scar
  • Reiterating the importance of acceptance of your body
  • How spot-training the tummy area will not help recovery
  • What a Diastasis Recti is
  • Importance of balanced breathing

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