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how your body really makes you feel and help you realise nothing changes unless you choose it.

Beyond Body Coaching

20th April 2021
9 years ago I created fitness and wellness sessions for pregnant and postpartum women to be around others going through the same experiences they were, to feel good in their body, mind and to learn what was suitable and safe for them creating an outdoor exercise experience too. With HIIT exercise sessions using kettlebells and other equipment evolving soon after for mums who were ready for this level.....

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What to Do about Guilt & Shame on weight loss & Motherhood journey.

As mothers we feel guilty for not doing enough, getting enough for the children and for taking time for ourselves.
This guilt can manifest into feelings which lead to...

The 5 Most Important Factors to Gaining a Healthy Weight?

We all think it's exercise and food.
These are important, in fact what you eat is really important, as it feeds your cells, brain, hormones and body.
But there are other important things to consider before food, especially if you've struggled to make change stick....

Take Control of Your Feelings & Thoughts For Your Best Body & Health.

18th February 2021
How you feel every day is your mind recruiting your body, reflecting what is going on inside of you.
Actually our feelings are triggered by hormones and these are triggered by our thoughts, perceptions coming from our environment, internal beliefs about things, media and even movement.

I wanted to give you a heads up here... that you can change how you feel by changing your THOUGHTS and other influencers....

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