How to Let go of Guilt & Shame When Getting Healthy in Motherhood & Beyond.

As mothers we feel guilty for not doing enough, getting enough for the children and for taking time for ourselves.
This guilt can manifest into feelings
that lead to...
Unnecessary eating, poor choice of foods and other deeper damage at a cellular level that messes with our gut microbiome.
Furthermore, it can impact your motivation to stop yourself from overindulging, speaking negatively towards yourself, and biting someone's head off in the heat of the moment.

Feeling like this can STOP many mums from wanting to show up for themselves and hide, resulting in not wanting to do exercise, eat better or anything that you know is good for you.
Then you feel guilty for all of this too, even shame creeps in.
The guilt and shame can consume your mind, then all you seem to focus on is this in the background of your mind. Becoming consumed by it all.

If you're feeling like this, it's likely to be because your mind is focusing on what you haven't done, what you haven't said, what you shouldn't have eaten, what you haven't achieved etc..

It can feel never-ending and overwhelming.

Unless you do something to stop the guilt or at least reduce these feelings, it will continue to run through your life, for example dictating your eating habits, the other ways you show up for yourself, and negatively impacting your mood.

This means you'll continue to live in a stressful state, with high levels of cortisol (stress hormone), which over time is inflammatory and literally damages our insides.
And a side impact could be that it is harder to burn body fat as fuel.

This can be related to the fight or flight response we have when we think we're in danger which arouses stress in every cell of our body. This can signal the body to keep body fat in case there is famine as a result of the danger the body thinks we're under.

Most of these stress receptors are in the stomach area, hence why we hold more fat here.

I have simplified it here to help you understand how complex the biomechanics of the human body is.

To move away from the state of stress and the feelings of guilt and shame, I highly recommend FOCUSING on what you ARE doing.

Which are most likely totally fabulous - you just can't see this yet.

Because where you place your focus is WHERE your POWER is!
And your power is in the things you are doing…
NOT what hasn't happened, not achieved yet or not done with the children.

And this applies to your health too, in the food and exercise you choose daily.

Celebrate the small wins and keep your focus there.
Have a go.
It really works!

This is called shifting your attention and shaping your mind to look at your life from a different perspective.

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