Take Control of Your Feelings & Thoughts For Your Best Body & Health

18th February 2021
How you feel every day is your mind recruiting your body, reflecting what is going on inside of you.
Actually our feelings are triggered by hormones and these are triggered by our thoughts, perceptions coming from our environment, internal beliefs about things, media and even movement.

I wanted to give you a heads up here... that you can change how you feel by changing your THOUGHTS and other influencers.
Changing the chemical hormones driving how your body makes you feel every day from when you wake to when you’re feeling overwhelm creeping in.
This means you can change your body and health at the same time…
Using your own built in abilities that you’re not aware of.

I know as a focused multi-tasking mum, fitting in everything, every day, especially right now with children schooling at home for many, how we feel is very much at the forefront of our minds, with personal unmet needs feeling frustrating, and feeling guilt for even thinking about doing something for yourself. Which all equates to low feelings within self, no matter how you sugar coat it or put a happy face on.

So, your thoughts alone can either propel you forward into doing great things or hold you back.
Your thoughts and perceptions are shaping your mental state constantly.
AND you can choose whether to feed the negative voice or feed your greatness.
Feeding your greatness is to keep going in a direction that allows you to make better choices for yourself, health and how you feel within you daily.

whichever way you go, feeds your hormones, dictating your internal state of either being in anxiety / frenzy or feeling good about yourself.

Anxiety / frenzy / anxiousness will drive cortisol and adrenaline, with high levels of these hormones regularly, day in and day out not only signalling to hold on to body fat, but high levels make you hyper alert to be in fight or flight – putting you in a state of overwhelm and even burn out overtime.

Seeing an endless to do list, seeking perfection and no hope of doing the things you want for yourself all add to the pressure felt, with many mums developing IBS symptoms and diarrhea from being in this state too.
The issue here is we give our feelings a lot of power, letting them takeover how and when we show up for ourselves, even down to what we choose to eat, move and do for ourselves.
It’s happening all the time to everyone without us realising.
But you can change this.

That’s how powerful the human brain and mind is. Once you understand the brain has a constant interchange with your body you can use tools to switch out of anxious, anxiety driven feelings, like using your breathe.

But ultimately, to change constant low feelings, you do this by changing your thoughts, influencers around you and having reasons for meeting your personal needs for health and well being.
It's called neuroplasticity - changing how you think and see your world.

To change how you feel and your thoughts requires a mixture of the right tools, support and guidance to consistenly do things that will make these deep unconscious ways of thinking to change and change the trajectory of your health, what you eat and how you choose to move.

All mothers deserve to be in love with who they are, what they bring to this planet, and love the journey of health, body change, being confidence and feeling gorgeous in themselves.
Being able to manage how you feel and the fall out of these negative states is key for a sustainable healthy lifestyle and eating.

So instead of giving power to your feelings, give your power to empowering thoughts and movement, as the body has the ability to change your state of mind also.
The mind coaching the mind is difficult, however the body's interconnection with the mind is so powerful that a combination of both words and body interceptions help shifts feelings and feed the feel good hormones.
Helping you make daily healthy choices and decsions for yourself that turn into lifetime habits regardless of what is going on in your life so you can live happier in a body you want and love.

Are you feeling stuck and want help with this?
If so, lets talk and I'll help you do this to have the very daily habits you need to leverage your hormones, change how you feel daily, getting you to do what you haven’t been able to do before in changing your body and health, by teaching you to create your own plan and keep it

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