Beyond Body Coaching.

20th April 2021
9 years ago I created fitness and wellness sessions for pregnant and postpartum women to be around others going through the same experiences they were, to feel good in their body, mind and to learn what was suitable and safe for them creating an outdoor exercise experience too. With HIIT exercise sessions using kettlebells and other equipment evolving soon after for mums who were ready for this level.

I have never promoted body image centric messages, but rather strength, body and bone health focused ones.
Even when I was personal training, I taught my clients everything I knew so they could make decisions based on scientific information, establishing their own plan and way that worked for their body with my guidance, expertise and knowledge. This is a way of empower my mum clients to know the reasons behind everything they do and eat.

I chose to evolve my skill set to help mothers in a deeper way and expanded my knowledge in how to do this through further education, my own personal work and also as I have got older I have identified certain things that have created success long term.

In my time running group exercise sessions I saw directly the mums that were struggling to keep consistency and to prioritise themselves. Some years later I decided it was those mothers that I want to help, so they can see the value they bring to the world and realise their real worth.
I also witnessed those that exercised regularly and didn’t have a healthy food habit mindset.

Taking all this in, I realised where I wanted to place my focus, which mothers I want to serve and I also want to bring the message, that once we have children, there is no going back, we as human beings evolve with this experience. I am standing up for mothers feel more than what their body looks like and birth their identity of themselves that they recognise and love.

This can be years on from when mothers have had children that someone takes this brave path, or it may be earlier, depending on how the individual feels.

Birthing a new identity in this context is to become the confident person who wants to look after their health, their body and their needs, coaching mums and now women 40+ to take the focus away from it being about their image, but how they feel, their long term health and being a role model for those around them, children, family and friends, and along the way weight loss comes with body shape change.

This is the reason behind the name change of my business to Beyond Body Coaching.
A mothers’ body is sacred and special, I want all mothers no matter how old their children are now, to have this realisation and that it is never too late to take action to meet their own needs, become the person they want and deserve to be in their health and more.
Health and body changes come when we begin from the inside, making small changes that equate to mind-set changes, health changes which will bring body shape and body composition changes, by letting go to chase this outcome takes the pressure away and women can focus on feeling good and their health and strength rather than weight loss.

My work with women and all the messages I promote is to put the spotlight on womens’ needs, emotionally, nutritionally and physically so they can be the human beings they want to show up to be as parents, leaders and positive contributors to the planet.
Teaching women to have less attachment to their image and make changes for other bigger lasting reasons, like protecting their health and creating longevity to their body, which I've found women find more refreshing and fulfilling.

Encouraging women to take care of their health and body now, and to not wait for the worse to happen, seek out information to help. This is also why I have created the podcast Any Mum Can, to spread ideas of looking after yourself covering a wide range of topics in health and physical activity.

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