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I have created this dedicated coaching program to help women take back control of their bodies, fitness and access their power, with new habits and beliefs about themselves. Changing the relationship they currently have with their body, food, and exercise.

It is easy to fall into patterns of poor eating, unhelpful thinking, and lack of movement.
'Not feeling like it today' syndrome leads to feeling tired, disappointed with self, and even weight gain.

And if you didn't know, we are a product of our thoughts, and what you focus on is what manifests in your life.

Focus on You and Your Health
This coaching program empowers you to focus on your health, personal unmet needs and understand what your body has been shouting out for help on.
Your needs will depend on where you are in your life and what you are experiencing and how much you prioritise yourself currently. Releasing excess weight then comes as a byproduct of health and physical activity changes.
Focus on 'Weight loss' is not the way forward, it matters by improving the way you feel and boosts confidence, but over-focus on this leads to disappointment when weight has been gained or it's not falling off fast enough.

Instead, focus on health, and positively feeling different from how you feel now is more powerful and will open you up to access your inner power too and take the necessary actions.

Furthermore and most importantly I am here to help you change your inner landscape, as this is the foundation to your lasting health and strength change, and the changes at this level will make new habits stick, be consistent and you'll even enjoy them. And this is along with the exercise and nutrition you need to support you in achieving your goals.

The Importance of Food & Hormones
Women go through cycles in their life, having children, perimenopause, and menopause.
Therefore, making changes aligned to what your body needs through these cycles is key by means of optimising your hormones and coaching microsteps in changing your lifestyle, food, exercise, and mind work to achieve this.

I teach plant power and how to eat to nourish your body, identifying and letting go of disempowering eating habits, so you can have a healthy relationship with food and yourself too. Coaching you hacks and ways to desire less of the processed quick fuel foods like desserts and junk, and help you make food and activity swaps to switch you out of being a sugar burner into a fat burner for lasting health and overburden on your vital organs.

Access Your Inner Power
Creating a new narrative gives you access to power you may never have felt you had before, as you break down walls and rewire your foundations with new inner beliefs and a shift in your perspective towards yourself, developing deeper real self-worth,
self-love, and letting go of the unseen stuff inside us.
Only when we treat ourselves internally with respect and compassion can our new habits really do their work to create life-lasting change that will bring an overall better quality and happier life.

This is the essential groundwork for behaviour change.

Body Coaching
Your body is your vehicle through your life and looking after the machinery in every aspect is essential for a pain-free body and protection from disease and body disfunction. This is why exercise is another important component of my coaching, as it is essential to build strong bones, a strong body and pay attention to the parts of the body most will skirt past, like pelvic health and core strength.

Accountability and your excuses being called out is part of my winning formula in helping my clients achieve their results. What they learn about themselves and where they hide when it gets uncomfortable is how I help clients stop repeating sabotage and instead create new realisations, mental muscles and perspectives, so they can live free of those things forever and be able to manage their emotional response to change.

New Habit Formation and Consistency
Maintaining and continuing new habits and disciplines can be the most challenging part of the equation in changing your whole health and body, as old habits are easy to fall back to.
This is why I teach and coach how to keep evolving, growing mentally new inner beliefs, that ensure you stay the course for good.

Your Whole Health, Self-Love, Body & Who You Are
You will develop real self-love, a beautiful relationship with your body, and firmly establish who you are, creating the identity you want, reflective of the lifestyle you determine, so you'll evolve your health and body strength. This enables you to prioritise yourself, look after your needs and have fun being in action. Putting you in a greater position to give more to those you love and care about.

Join The Coaching Program
I have helped hundreds of women over the years begin a new life.
But I only work with women that are prepared to roll up their sleeves and put the effort in.
You can expect to be exercising, making other pockets of time for yourself, eat differently and create new habits and MOST IMPORTANTLY, you can expect TO FEEL POSITIVELY DIFFERENT first, before you see your body change.
It's an inside job first.

Book a call with me to transform; your health, how you feel, and access your inner power, I'd like to help you do this.

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