BEATING BURNOUT & AVOIDING IT with Fay Victoria Durrant

Beating Burnout & Avoiding it.
With Fay Victoria Durrant


This episode's all about Burnout affecting mothers all around the world, especially in the UK and USA, often because of cultural pressures placed on women and mothers to be strong and lean into masculine traits of getting stuff done and pushing harder. My guest speaker is Fay Victoria Durrant who helps women recover from burnout.

Welcome to episode #14.
I love this week’s podcast as Fay is very open about her own personal experience of burnout, and I feel it is an epic podcast because this is not widely spoken about and mothers don't realise they are vulnerable to this, especially if experiencing chronic stress daily.
Fay calls herself the Wellness Wonder Woman. In his episode, Fay is very frank about what lead to her personal encounter of burnout and deeply shares what it was like and how she missed the many signs her body was telling her and the things she would say to herself avoiding the harsh reality.  
Fay wants to raise awareness on this topic of health for mums of all ages whether a working professional or stay-at-home mum, and that it can happen to anyone with a chronic stressful life and so they know the signs to look out for.  

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About Fay
Fays health and Wellness journey has been a rocky road. As a young mum with a very stressful work & personal life, she developed a passion for working out hard and running, to manage the stress, this ultimately led to exercise addiction, and a lack of true self-care and balance, in turn, lead to extreme burnout, and a long learning curve to recovery.

Tenacious enough to not give up on her dreams of sharing the joy and benefits of movement, but keen to share her story to help others beat burnout, she retrained in Yoga and Pilates and exercise for older adults. And slowly, very slowly went back to work teaching a different more balanced form of fitness and wellbeing.

Fay Shares in This Episode:

  • Symptoms of burnout to look out for
  • The range of things that can occur
  • Listen to what your body is telling you
  • The 4 pillars to steer clear or recover from Burnout

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