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BBC Radio Appearances

Guest On BBC Radio Leicester

I have been a regular guest on BBC radio Leicester since 2018, talking about matters that relate to motherhood, health, fitness and well being.

I've even been on the curry show, having fun with other guests and getting to eat top cuisine from local restaurants.
Here are some of my visits including a conversation about pregnancy and postpartum health and fitness I did back in 2018.
Showcasing my dedication to helping mothers from the outset of their journey all the way through.
I've used these opportunities to influence the conversation to mums thinking about themselves and their needs so they can give even more as a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend.

I continue to be a regular guest with them on various shows, including when I launched the Any Mum Can podcast in February 2021. Pre launch and post launch appearances.
Sharing how this evolved out seeing many mums feeling pulled in many directions from the fallout of the pandemic. I shared that I feel mothers of all age children need support and acknowledgement for what humility they are bringing to the world. And the podcast is to remind mothers of what they are made of and to feel inspired by what they hear from other real mums and expert speakers.

I've shared below some of the people I've appeared on with and the radio host.

Gallery Visits to BBC Radio Leicester

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