Meet The Motherhood Body Coach!

Meet Versha.

The founder of Birth and Beyond Body, Versha is dedicated to mothers reaching their full potential in their body, health, mind and so much more.

She is a mother of 2 and understands the whole motherhood body and mind journey from her work with pregnancy and postpartum health, fitness and strength as well as her own personal journey.

Versha began her work with mothers in 2012 and hasn't stopped since, pushing new boundaries to help mothers overcome their barriers to dropping excess body weight, which includes going deep, addressing hormone balance, working with circadian rhythm and mind-set for them to have the best body and health.

This is Versha's life work, to enable mother's to live in a healthy body they are confident in. Free of their blocks and negative internal chatter, so they can embrace their feminine energy to bring about the transformational change in their body and their life they have been struggling with.

Her experience is vast and her own transformation inside fout brings a unique approach to ending women and mothers yo yoing in their weight and dieting ever again. Her journey has been through ups and downs like many of you and now she has mastered the art of working with these forces to bring about the body, health and mind-set changes for a brilliant life full of joy, self love, compassion for others, confidence and free of self critism.

When Versha isn't helping mother's get unstuck to become committed to the best version of themselves, she is continuously researching new ways, new thinking, innovative practices and technologies to address her clients' needs and get them results faster to stop suffering, struggle and ill health sooner. One of her ways of making a difference to the world we live in.  She is also striving for equality between the sexes and is working on how her business can help empower girls and womens lives in under priviledged communities and countries to change the narrative they have been born into. This is a new undertaking and we will update here soon on progress.

Her work with mothers is her primary focus and is an important one in Versha's life. She believes by helping bring about significant change in mothers this will ripple into their families and friends and so by helping one person deeply transform they then shine their light brighter and eventually transform a group of people around them and this continues.

Book a call with her if you feel ready to cultivate the body you have always wanted and overcome your known and unknown barriers you have hit in your life trying to do this. Or watch her free Masterclass to learn the 5 steps she shares to get into your best shape of your life.

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