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Women Unleashed Movement
What's it about

Women Unleashed Movement Program came to me after spending 10 years plus working with mothers, mums-to-be, and coaching women's health in exercise, nutrition, and mindset.

I now help women 40 and above, who have been struggling with their confidence, and their relationship with their bodies. Who feel stuck and unable to move forward, or don't know where to start to change how they feel about themselves.
These women are often experiencing mid-life symptoms, like; sweats, sleep issues, weight gain,
body aches, and other issues like brain fog and extreme tiredness.

If this is you, stay with me!!

I want to help you find yourself back to YOU, feel AWESOME and see RESULTS inside and out.
They come more easily than you think, and I'll teach you to live like this for the rest of your life, whatever life throws at you.

I've been helping women to see their greatness again, to build mental strength, body strength, and health, to keep habits they desire and deserve, especially after the pandemic. I have found women have felt the brunt of it all and their negative emotions are coming to the surface now.

Mid-life Preparation

I'll help you navigate perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause, with all the challenges and changes these phases bring.

This period of life brings muscle loss, bone loss, and a drop in oestrogens and progesterone, all these changes together with some things influencing more than others, often have led to women feeling low in mood, low confidence, and relationship with their body can be poor with weight gain, further agitated by worry about their future health.

You are going to learn a lot about yourself when you work with me.

Proving to yourself you can do this and that anything is possible.
Do you know that you're capable and worthy of change?

Researched and Experience

I have worked with hundreds of women over my career in health and then conducted my own research to understand what 40+ women were really struggling with related to their personal life and health.

It was clear that women want to be served more deeply, wanting to love who they are more, have greater self-belief to help them achieve new thinking and new habits for their health goals, reduce mid-life symptoms, and feel their confidence radiating from them, with support in the process.

And these are the key outcomes of the Women Unleashed Movem
ent Program.

Plus I'll help you live disease free - reducing your chances of major illness.

Book a call with me to see if you're a good fit for this health program with a difference.

What's Been Stopping You from Achieving Your Ultimate Confidence, Health & Fitness?

Women's lives are busy, doing more for others than for themselves.

Who often find it challenging to make time to do the necessary things to create change or the space for themselves.

Is this you?

  • Overwhelmed by adding more stuff to do.
  • Feel have no time to do exercise and eat differently.
  • Can't see yourself in a healthier body.
  • Motivation levels are through the floor.
  • Not able to keep consistency in new habits.
  • Spiraling negative thought patterns.
  • Not knowing where to start, what to do, or how to do it.
  • Stuck on what exercise, food, and approach will yield results.
  • Tried many things that did not work or couldn't stick at.

Women Unleashed Movement program will help you overcome these barriers, helping you:

  • Change the way you THINK
  • Change how you SEE yourself
  • Love who YOU are
  • To get you back to YOU
  • Regain your confidence
  • Lower visceral fat measurements
  • Live disease-free
  • Feel hugely healthier
  • Feel lighter in your body
  • Feel younger, slow aging

Unleashing the best version of you.
Making unfamiliar habits and thoughts familiar!!

Establishing new ways to look after yourself and your health.
Giving you the method and support to make it all possible.

Note: I only enroll a small handful of clients a month to ensure I serve to my best.

This is deep coaching, creating lifelong change.
Using a mix of techniques, including coaching, nutrition, NLP (neurolinguistic change), hypnosis, mindset shifting, exercise, and emotion management.

Book a call
Let's chat to see if you're a good fit for the Women Unleashed Program.

The Formula For Women 40+
To Live Their Best Life.
Renewed Confidence and Health, Strength, Self Worth & Making the Unfamiliar Familiar!

  • Providing muscle tone and strength
  • Consistently making time to look after their body
  • Being inspired by the exercise & support
  • Loving the habit changes
  • Still enjoying food out
  • And wearing clothes with confidence!

Women Unleashed Movement Program
in 90 days will enable you

  • Feel stronger in your body
  • Reduce midlife symptoms
  • Create core strength
  • Eat more consciously
  • Reduce visceral & abdominal fat
  • Increase Fitness & Strength
  • Build mental grit for success
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Overcome fatigue & brain fog
  • Love who you are

Using a combination of exercise, nutrition, deep coaching, NLP, neuroscience and psychology to facilitate achieving these results.

Which will require some attention and time.
I know you're worth it, do you?

Book a call with me for me to see if we're a good fit to work together.

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Case Studies - What Do They Say...


"I'm loving the positive changes I've made and I'm making in my life. Couldn't have done any of it without your support, knowledge and guidance, so thank you xx"

- Sarah Murphy (UK)

Jelly Testimonial

"Versha’s guidance and support helped me in getting past the stage of resistance from my subconscious and developing my mental strength. This was very much aided by proper nutrition and exercise which were part of the program."

- Jelly Mae Moring (UK)

Hema Testimonial

"What you taught me in the 12 weeks will forever be with me and guide me always to have self-control and discipline within myself. Looking after my health has had a positive impact on my overall wellbeing and given me more energy to get things done."

- Hema Bid (UK)

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