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Are you a woman 40+ who has achieved a huge amount in your life, from your career to helping others, to maybe having a family?

Have you set the bar high all your life for yourself?

Do you push yourself and is your work high attention and a demanding role?

Do you find your life is full-on and busy with little time for yourself, even after 2020 happened?

Do you find yourself exhausted daily, using things like caffeine to get through the day?

And are you experiencing brain fog, or subtle cognitive changes affecting your speed of thinking and memory that concerns you for your work?

Have you had some weight gain more so recently?

Are you experiencing any symptoms of hormone changes like; mood swings, hot flushes, insomnia or anything else?

What's Going on For High Achieving Women over 40.

We are all individuals, with individual reasons for the drive we have in our careers and life.

What we don’t realise is that we’re not serving ourselves to our best health and well-being, when we’re pushing ourselves at full throttle a lot of the time.

Many career women after age 40 working like this, are going through physiological changes from menopause in their body too, making work life more challenging and adding additional pressure.

And if there is no let-up - this can be a one-way street to burn-out, ill-health, and inevitable time out from your career or something more significant.  

Even with 2020 and 2021 events leaving us working from home and more time, many women have worked even harder, pushing themselves in all areas of their life.

What to do...

And the reality of it all is women are working harder than we ever have, shouldering usually more of the family and home responsibilities, during a period in life we’re experiencing some the biggest changes in our lifetime.

Recognising this early and doing something about this lifestyle and mindset will rescue your health, save your career and give you the quality of life.

Channel years of hiding from your health into creating the best version of yourself.

YOU have the POWER to change this.

You can change your unconscious ways that are driving your lifestyle, by becoming aware of them first.

The Formula That Gets You
More Energy, Hormone Healthy, Avoiding Burnout &
Feel 10 Years Younger

We can make the world a better place and maintain what you love doing, without it compromising your health, well-being and avoid burnout.

I help Women to:

  • Increase their energy
  • Feel good about themselves – feel calmer, in control
  • Improve brain and memory abilities impacted by menopause
  • Stabilise mood swings
  • Hormone health - Lessen anxiety, hot flushes, poor sleep
  • Recognise who they are again.

Using a combination of coaching, nutrition, neuroscience, exercise, and psychology to facilitate breaking free of current ways of living and pressures placed on themselves.

Giving women the keys to thriving and liberated from trade-offs they feel they have had to make.

Find out more about my coaching program below.
Or book a call with me to figure your steps forward to the best you.

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Case Studies - What Do They Say...


"I'm loving the positive changes I've made and I'm making in my life. Couldn't have done any of it without your support, knowledge and guidance, so thank you xx"

- Sarah Murphy (UK)

Jelly Testimonial

"Versha’s guidance and support helped me in getting past the stage of resistance from my subconscious and developing my mental strength. This was very much aided by proper nutrition and exercise which were part of the program."

- Jelly Mae Moring (UK)

Hema Testimonial

"What you taught me in the 12 weeks will forever be with me and guide me always to have self-control and discipline within myself. Looking after my health has had a positive impact on my overall wellbeing and given me more energy to get things done."

- Hema Bid (UK)

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