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What Mothers Unleashed Movement Stands For

Mothers Unleashed Movement Program is something that came to me after working with mothers and mums-to-be, coaching women's health, and weight loss for the past 10 years.

I've created something for both pregnancy and all age mothers, to create body health, body strength and bad ass habits that keep you ROCKING and feeling AWESOME through your life.

I have spoken with hundreds of women over my professional career and even conducted my own research to understand what mothers really want when it comes to their body health, habit change, and overall wellbeing.

It was clear that mothers want to be served more deeply and have their bodies and health addressed with results-orientated solutions.

Many mothers told me they deeply desire:

  • To LOVE their BODY without feeling down about what it looks like.
    No matter how many years have passed since having children, or through the trimesters of pregnancy.
  • To IMPROVE body health, TONE & STRENGTH from a place of health and for self.
  • To FEEL GOOD in their body & self, because this feeling is priceless.
  • To be more CONFIDENT - which follows when we feel good about ourselves.
  • To stay MOTIVATED & COMMITTED to their health goals with the right actions, methods & tools.
  • To have a lifestyle that serves them AND their family.
  • To eat foods the whole family can enjoy.

Common Barriers To Achieving Your Body Health Goals

Mothers' lives are busy, doing more for others than they can for themselves.

Many mothers find it challenging to make time to do the necessary things to create change and space for themselves.

  • Often feeling overwhelmed by adding more stuff to do in an already hectic life.
  • Think they have no time to do exercise and eat more intentionally.
  • Which affects motivation levels, not feeling like it sets in.
  • Which inhibits us from taking consistent action.
  • Which can spiral negative thought patterns.
  • Adding to all of this, many mothers don't know where to start, what to do, or how to do it.

And are unaware of the important things like creating a solid foundation of strength and health first
- both in pregnancy and anytime in motherhood when starting your body health journey.
(These are often ignored by mainstream programs.)

Hence creating a program with a difference, because I believe a mother's body is sacred
and DESERVES to be treated so.

Mothers Unleashed Movement program will help you overcome these barriers.

Feel unleashed from your current habits, learn new ways to look after your body health, feel STRONGER and AWESOME in your body.

The Formula To Body Health:
Core & Body Strength, Habit Change & Feeling GOOD for the Rest of your Life!

The formula I have created is GIFTING women to feel awesome in their body, through pregnancy, or wherever they are in their motherhood!
As well as...

  • Consistently making time to look after their body
  • Being inspired by the exercise & support
  • Loving the habit changes
  • Still enjoying food out
  • And wearing clothes with confidence!

Mothers Unleashed Movement Program in 90 days
helps women to:

  • Feel stronger in their body
  • Create core strength - the right way
  • Reduce tummy bulging - non-pregnancy of course!
  • Eat more consciously
  • Reduce body fat
  • Increase Fitness & Strength
  • Identify & address their Achilles heel to getting results
  • Love their reflection
  • Increase their energy
  • Recognise who they are again.

Using a combination of exercise, nutrition, coaching, neuroscience, and psychology to facilitate achieving these results.

It is a gift to feel awesome, strong, and confident in your body for the rest of your life.
And requires your attention and time to live in this bliss.
I know you're worth it, do you?

If you're ready now to work on your body health to address things you've not had time for, to create life-lasting change, wherever you are in motherhood ...

Book a call with me for me to see what your needs are and if we're a good fit to work together.

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Case Studies - What Do They Say...


"I'm loving the positive changes I've made and I'm making in my life. Couldn't have done any of it without your support, knowledge and guidance, so thank you xx"

- Sarah Murphy (UK)

Jelly Testimonial

"Versha’s guidance and support helped me in getting past the stage of resistance from my subconscious and developing my mental strength. This was very much aided by proper nutrition and exercise which were part of the program."

- Jelly Mae Moring (UK)

Hema Testimonial

"What you taught me in the 12 weeks will forever be with me and guide me always to have self-control and discipline within myself. Looking after my health has had a positive impact on my overall wellbeing and given me more energy to get things done."

- Hema Bid (UK)

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