Can Mother's
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The Body, Family Life, You Time & Career?

Most Say No, I Disagree...

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Working on yourself to transform your body and health as a mother is challenging when there is so much to do outside of your own personal needs, looking after children, often running the home as well as juggling your choice of career and even throw in cooking and cleaning for some.
Mother's are some of the most selfless humans on earth giving without expecting anything in return, often to the detriment of their health, with what they eat and how they move all slide in order to make sure everyone else is ok, jobs are done and work requirements are met.
Of course most mothers want to care and look after their family and some feel they have no choice as it is all part of motherhood, whichever it is, it is a daily struggle fitting everything in, I too know this being a mother myself.

However, it is time for a new narrative for mothers and it has probably become the easiest time to do this, even with all the responsibilty a mother shoulders with young or older children and work commitments too.
We are living through a time when tapping into female energy, spiritual practice and your body's intuition to transform your body shape and weight loss has
been made more accessible and accepted with science supporting how we are connected to our body in more ways than just the modern world leads us to believe. Using a variety of tools and styles Versha has found a formula to help women shift into a new way of being, feeling, adoping disciplines and habits with insight of using manifestion and the law of attraction.

This is how we can change the narrative for mothers, to let go of the old way and find a new way to have weight loss for health, the body they desire and everything else too without so much of our masculine but leaning into your feminine power.

Masculine Old Ways
Forcing an outcome is pushing yourself and doing things to extremes.
Thrash it hard heavily relies on motivation and just do it even if you hate it attitude.
This is a dead approach, never getting sustainable lasting results.
Leaving women yo yoing in their weight and continuously searching for the next best thing to help shed the excess weight.
It is time for a new way to transform your body starting in a completely different place fuelled by your female energy and power.

The Formula That Gets Lasting Results to Get into Your Best Shape of Your Life.

So you CAN have it all.
Versha has sucessfully shaped and helped mothers transform their body using proven scientific strategies that take a person on a deep dive into their consciousness, spiritual journey along with the habits, disciplines, nutrition and the right exercise for you needed to bring it altogether to get their body into their best shape ever, forever. Overcoming the yo yoing weight and never ending diets.
Bringing strength to the most important areas of a mothers body whilst transforming the rest of her, allowing Mothers to:

  • To have the body they have been yearning for.
  • Feel freedom from the negative internal chatter.
  • Love the body they are transforming.
  • Carve out time and prioritise themselves.
  • Eating with love and gratitude of their body.
  • Get to wear the clothes they really want to wear.
  • Recognise themselves being in the body they want to be in.

Versha is an expert in mother's bodies and what they need and where to start which means they break free of old narratives mother's have so they can thrive to feel beautiful and liberated in their body, helping bring significant body transformation and weight loss they haven't been able to achieve before. She has a deep understanding and appreciation of the entire motherhood journey both physically and psychologically to get the best outcomes in transforming a mothers body and health.
Find out more about the coaching program Versha has created specifically for mothers of any age with any age children young or adult children, she can help.

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Case Studies - What Do They Say...


"I'm loving the positive changes I've made and I'm making in my life. Couldn't have done any of it without your support, knowledge and guidance, so thank you xx"

- Sarah Murphy (UK)

Jelly Testimonial

"Versha’s guidance and support helped me in getting past the stage of resistance from my subconscious and developing my mental strength. This was very much aided by proper nutrition and exercise which were part of the program."

- Jelly Mae Moring (UK)

Hema Testimonial

"What you taught me in the 12 weeks will forever be with me and guide me always to have self-control and discipline within myself. Looking after my health has had a positive impact on my overall wellbeing and given me more energy to get things done."

- Hema Bid (UK)

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