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Rewire & Breakfree of Your Barriers,
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I want you to ask yourself – are you meeting your needs as a human being outside of your roles as a career woman, mother, wife, daughter or friend?

What I mean is are you looking after yourself, taking action for your whole health, eating healthier, exercising consistently, and creating emotional and mental balance. Taking care of your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual forms of you, because we're whole beings, with all these elements interchanging to make you.

Many answer no to the above, because women tend to under value themselves, don't take time out to do all the things THEY need to live in a healthy body on all levels including their emotions and mental health in check.

We live in autopilot, unaware of our thoughts, which leads to feelings that drive actions and behaviours, consequently ending up our daily choices.

Why does this happen?
Your intellect knows what you should do most of the time, but because WHAT you tell yourself is actually NOT kind or supportive (more often than not), even when you make the effort and attempt change, you quickly fall back into old patterns if you haven't taken the steps and use hacks to set up for lasting success.
Without doing this your unconscious thoughts keep creating excuses and running your life, while you watch from the side lines little or no change.

However, I am here to tell you,
YOU have the POWER to change this.

You can change your unconscious thoughts, by becoming aware of them.
Then figure what is charging these thoughts in your mind.

The Formula That Gets You Healthy, Fit & Strong on ALL levels.
Create The Body You Love & Feeling Younger

I have sucessfully helped women change their body and how they feel in themselves, using proven scientific strategies that takes a person on a deep dive to update outdated inner beliefs about themselves, thoughts they have, habits they form, disciplines they keep, food choices they make and the exercise they maintain.

This formula brings all these elements together to create the foundations of ongoing success. So you can overcome the yo yoing weight and never ending diet mindset once and for all, crippling so many.
Enabling you to:

  • Have a body they love the reflection of naked!
  • Feel freedom from the negative self-chatter.
  • Love themselves inside and out.
  • Feel healthy and still eat favourite foods.
  • Carve out time to prioritise themselves.
  • Wear the clothes they really love.
  • Create an identity of taking care of themselves.
  • Recognise who they are again.

I train womens body's and mind.
Using a combination of coaching and exercise training to facilitate breaking free of outdated beliefs that have been holding them silently back and to create the results and difference they want.

Giving women the keys to thrive, feel beautiful and liberated in their body.

Find out more about my coaching program below.
Or book a call with me to figure your steps forward to the best you.

Coaching Program

Case Studies - What Do They Say...


"I'm loving the positive changes I've made and I'm making in my life. Couldn't have done any of it without your support, knowledge and guidance, so thank you xx"

- Sarah Murphy (UK)

Jelly Testimonial

"Versha’s guidance and support helped me in getting past the stage of resistance from my subconscious and developing my mental strength. This was very much aided by proper nutrition and exercise which were part of the program."

- Jelly Mae Moring (UK)

Hema Testimonial

"What you taught me in the 12 weeks will forever be with me and guide me always to have self-control and discipline within myself. Looking after my health has had a positive impact on my overall wellbeing and given me more energy to get things done."

- Hema Bid (UK)

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